Baking Soda and Vinegar Aren't Your Only Natural Cleaning Solutions

Baking Soda and Vinegar Aren't Your Only Natural Cleaning Solutions

Whether you're out of your usual cleaning products or prefer a more eco-friendly home improvement alternative to chemical-based cleaners, the natural cleaning solutions found in your kitchen might surprise you. And we're not just talking about home improvement standards baking soda and vinegar! You can clean almost every part of your home with these supplies and get great results.

Lemons for Cleaning and Brighter Whites

The natural acidity and pleasant scent of lemons make them ideal for a variety of home improvement purposes, and you can also use lemons to brighten white clothes. Put a few sliced lemons into a pot of simmering water, then add any clothes you want to whiten and let the mixture simmer. When you remove the clothing items, they should have a lighter look.

Clean Tough Grease Buildup with Coffee

Scrubbing your grill grate can be a tough home improvement task no matter what cleaner you use, but one of the best grill cleaners is likely already sitting on your kitchen counter. Make a large pot of coffee, pour it into a large pan, and let your grill grate soak for at least 30 minutes. After you remove the grate from the coffee, it should be much easier to scrub away stubborn grease buildup.

Coarse Salt Is Great for Cleaning Cooking Surfaces

If you're looking for a natural way to clean cooking surfaces — especially anything made from cast iron — then coarse salt is an excellent candidate. Coarse salt absorbs grease, so it's useful for scouring kitchenware, stove-tops, and any surface where grease builds up.

Natural Wood Polish with Olive Oil and Lemon

Mix olive oil with a splash of fresh lemon juice for a natural wood polish that brings the best out of wood surfaces without leaving behind chemical residue. This combination is excellent for polishing wood floors, but you should always polish a small, out-of-the-way area first to ensure that the mixture works for the type of wood in your home.

Club Soda for Stain Removal

Whether you use it on carpets or clothing, club soda is one of the best stain removers you can have in your home. The carbonation of club soda helps lift stains to the surface, making them easier to remove. Just pour some club soda on the stain, allow it to soak, then give it a thorough cleaning.

Cream of Tartar Cleans and Refreshes Stainless Steel

Cream of tartar is mildly acidic but still gentle enough to use for cleaning and home improvement projects. It's especially useful for stainless steel surfaces, including your ink. Just mix the cream of tartar with a small amount of water to create a paste, spread the paste on the surface you want to clean, and wash it off with warm water.

Freshen Your Microwave with Lemon Juice and Water

Any leftover used lemons can be put to work cleaning your microwave. Just place the used lemons into a bowl of water, place the bowl in the microwave, heat it until it boils, then remove it. The steam adds a fresh scent and makes it easy to wipe away messes with minimal effort.

While natural cleaners may sometimes require more elbow grease than their store-bought counterparts, the results are more than worth it. Using natural cleaners is an easy way to save money on home improvement, embrace green living, and tackle tough messes.


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